Yoasobi Gurashi!, Episode 1 Uncensored Raw

Yoasobi Gurashi!, Episode 1 Uncensored Raw

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よあそびぐらしっ! / Yoasobi Gurashi!

#1. You can’t come home tonight!

Yoasobi Gurashi! PV

One night while working the night shift at his convenience store job, Kazuto is reunited with his childhood friend, Yayoi Muto. Yayoi, who has achieved her dream of becoming a successful model, moves into Kazuto’s apartment after an unexpected turn of events. However, as they start to live together, Kazuto begins to have suspicions that Yayoi might be hiding something… And just what has she been up to in his apartment while he’s away?

Yoasobi Gurashi!, Episode 1 Uncensored Raw

よあそびぐらしっ!, Yoasobi Gurashi!, Yaribeya Kurashi, ヤリ部屋暮らし, Living in a Fuck Room, Habiter dans une chambre de baise!

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