Shin Hitou Meguri, Episode 1 Raw

Shin Hitou Meguri, Episode 1 Raw

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真・秘湯めぐり / Shin Hitou Meguri

#1. JK若女将・伊織~悔しげに羞じらい緩む身八つ口♥ | JK Wakaokami Iori: Kuyashige ni Hajirai Yurumu Mi Yatsukuchi

Shin Hitou Meguri, Episode 1 Raw

Scary people come to Katsurajousou, an inn run by Aunt Tsubaki, every day and yell at them.
That’s when he appeared. He’s a detective…
He uses his room as a workplace, and it seems like he and Tsubaki know each other.
When I was a JC, my mother used to tease me when I was left behind to find a man.
It was just a good way to take a breather after coming from the big city to an old town and not having much fun…
He always teases me, and I have a little feeling for him…just a little. Hehe…that seems stupid.
I never thought something like that would happen… I’d rather something like that happen… I felt like this from the beginning…
…That person comes to my room again today. I am apprenticed to a young landlady, and she always comes over after I finish work.
They say it’s best to do it while soothing my reluctant self. I like the fact that he has the courage to complain. ……Stupid.
That person’s hands carelessly playing with your sweaty body after work. I grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples until it hurt.
It’s best to screw on the shorts from the side without taking them off. I don’t like what I don’t like, no matter how many times it’s done to me.
However, contrary to my feelings, I can’t help but feel hot and moist…
I don’t know when that happened, but while I was cleaning the bathroom, that person forced himself into me, pushed me up violently, and made me dirty…
Still, I had to go back to work, so I wiped off that person’s scent and started working with a blank face, but the faint scent of that person remained and I was sensitive to it even though I was working. My body… even though he’s right in front of me…
The shape of that person engraved on my body, the tastes that were taught to me… I wonder if I’ll change into a woman who likes that person…

Shin Hitou Meguri, Episode 1 Raw

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