Kowaremono II, Episode 2 Raw

Kowaremono II, Episode 2 Raw

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こわれものII / Kowaremono II

#2. Heaven-2

Kowaremono II, Episode 1 Raw

And-maid Aki, who was supposed to be disposed of. With the help of a certain doctor, she worked as a maid at a research institute.
However, one day, the doctor uses Aki as an experimental material to test the results of her research. With that research, Aki transforms into Super And Maid Aki and fights evil to protect the peace of the world! “That’s what it was.”
Just then, information comes in that robots are robbing a bank.
“Now is the time for Super and Maid Aki to stand up!”
Just like that, the doctor urges Aki to transform her.
However, when Super And Maid Aki goes to battle, she is captured by someone. The person who was waiting for Aki, who should have transformed to defeat evil, was XX after XX…

Kowaremono II, Episode 2 Raw

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