AgentRedGirl: Amy’s Big Wish, Episode 4 Part 2 Long Day

AgentRedGirl: Amy’s Big Wish, Episode 4 Part 2 Long Day

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Wow, check out the hottie in this futanari 3D anime from AgentRedGirl! Her name is Audrey, and she’s a sexy futa camgirl. Audrey’s fans in the online chat are impressed with her bouncy breasts and large dick, however she teasingly refuses to cum until she receives enough tokens. In the meantime, she still performs plenty of sexy and fun acts, while the fans in the chat encourage her. Speaking of her chatting fans, if you’ve watched previous episodes of this series then you’ll find cameos and jokes in the chat, including Maggie, Anna, and ‘Candy Cane’ (Candice)!

So what does Audrey do while waiting for the right amount of tokens to come in? Well, to start things off, she sucks on her own dick, saying that she loves the taste. And if that’s not enough to impress you, she also entertains her fans by fucking herself on a dildo, whirling her cock around and around like a helicopter rotor, and jiggling her ass. After that, she makes some funny faces for the camera, and teases everyone by tucking her dick between her legs.

Eventually, Audrey even manages to stick her cock into her own pussy and start fucking herself, which causes her fans in the chat to go completely wild! Then Audrey receives a generous amount of tokens, so it’s time for the REAL show to start. She flips herself upside down and jerks off, stroking her big cock until she cums onto her face! How’s THAT for a big finish?

AgentRedGirl: Amy's Big Wish, Episode 4 Part 2 Long Day

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