Aoharu Snatch, Episode 2 PV

Aoharu Snatch, Episode 2 PV

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アオハルスナッチ/ Aoharu Snatch

アオハルスナッチ 2[夏庵] / Aoharu Snatch 2 [Natsuan]

Aoharu Snatch, Episode 2 PV

At the literature club’s training camp, we were forced to sleep in separate rooms for men and women.
Since there is only one female member, the male members take turns attacking the manager’s guide.
Makoto, who is unaware of Shiori, who has already become the literary club’s meat urinal, confesses to Shiori and begins dating her.
However, there was something awkward about the two’s innocent appearance.
This was because the many treatments he received turned into ecstatic experiences, and he was unable to forget the sensations.
Then, her feet naturally return to the club room where the male club members gather.
He finally crosses the line and falls into a world of pleasure.

Aoharu Snatch, Episode 2 PV

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