Yarakashi, Episode 1 Raw

Yarakashi, Episode 1 Raw

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やらかし / Yarakashi

#1. 先輩OLと | Senpai OL to | With senior office lady

Yarakashi, Episode 1 PV

Senior, I have a consultation!
A junior student, “Aki Kancho,” brings up a love problem to her.
Souba Hane puts himself aside and tries his best to bridge the gap between Aki and Atsuto Sugaya, his junior whom he has a crush on.
My situation is at the stage where I am about to marry my long-time boyfriend. Recent rut and occasional female contact to her boyfriend.
Aoi Basu, who hides the frustration he can’t have and is at a tavern involving Aki and Sugaya, is supposed to be a bridge-builder, but has gone off the deep end like a frame-up.
The scene that jumped out at him when he realized was his room with the morning sun shining in and Atsuto sleeping with his crotch exposed. ……
Atsuto hides his awkwardness with anger and refuses the order of oblivion with longing and thought.
In the meeting room where he calls for a clean slate, Souba, feeling self-loathing, says, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this…”…
Souba, with a disheveled face, was twirling her tongue with Atsuto as he attacked her. ……

Yarakashi, Episode 1 Raw


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