Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation, Episode 2 Raw

Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation, Episode 2 Raw

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家庭教師X○○2 The Animation /  Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation

#2. 絶対従順、高飛車姉妹をドスケベ淫乱に○○操作 | Zettai juujun, takabisha shimai wo dosukebe inran ni sousa | Absolute obedience, manipulating high-handed sisters into lewd lewdness

Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation, Episode 2 PV

The tutors of the main character, Manato, were “the sexually vicious sisters who were childhood friends”!
Shinjo Hina is a celebrity sister with a clear head, a good eye, and the worst personality of all.
Serina Shinjo, a JD with a selfish personality and body, is full of gaps in her life.
He is constantly mistreated by both of them, and is already fed up with his life.
One day, he meets Sakiko Ichinose, the owner of the secret club “Gentildonna,” who hands him a pussy device.
Using it, she says, she can control the body and spirit of a person at will.
Revenge against the Shinjo sisters… When he casually tries it on Serina, its effectiveness is so great that she can no longer defy him.
Manno manipulates Serina at will and makes her absolutely obedient as a sexual outlet for his previous grudges.
Then, he orders Serina to fall for his next target, Hina.

Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation, Episode 2 Raw


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