Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 2 Raw

Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 2 Raw

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ヴィーナスブラッド -ブレイヴ- / Venus Blood: Brave

#2. 生娘は触手の海にいだかれる / Kimusume wa Shokushu no Umi ni Idakareru / The Innocent Girl Is Embraced by a Sea of Tentacles

Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 2 Raw

Leona slays the demons with a single stroke of her sword.
Although she did not want to admit it, she felt that her fighting ability had definitely improved after being subjected to the tentacles’ breaking of her pussy and childbirth.
Although the promise to give her resistance to the Red Moon was kept, the feeling of having been cheated remained in Leona, and she was unable to welcome Hein’s offer to accompany her on her journey to defeat the Demon King.
After being rescued from the clutches of Yooki, Akris hears about the trip to defeat the Demon King and offers to accompany Leona on the journey.
Hein calls Akris and confirms his determination to defeat the Demon King.
Akris says he will cooperate in any way he can, and his resolve is firm.
Hein’s action in the face of Akris is: ……

Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 2 Raw

Venus Blood -BRAVE-, ヴィーナスブラッド -ブレイヴ-, 勇者産卵触手RPG ヴィーナスブラッド-ブレイヴ-, 비너스 블러드: 브레이브

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