So_low, Episode 2 PV

So_low, Episode 2 PV

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#2. 双子姉妹の謹み | Futago Shimai No Tsutsushimi | Twin sisters’ humility

So_low, Episode 2 PV

I’ll never forgive you.
Kasumi is fucked repeatedly by Kodai, but he still insults him without fear.
I didn’t realize that her winning spirit was stirring up even more excitement…
Kasumi is made to suck and swallow, and her ass is held up and thrust deep into her body.
She doesn’t know that her body has been exposed many times, and Kasumi is surprised when she starts to show different reactions.
Meanwhile, Mitsuki somehow senses a disturbing atmosphere between Kasumi and her girlfriend Kodai…
Although she was forced to study lazily…
When she woke up, she was in the closet, face to face with Kodai, and she was shocked…

So_low, Episode 2 PV

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