Shunka Shuutou, Episode 1 PV

Shunka Shuutou, Episode 1 PV

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旬花蒐陶 / Shunka Shuutou

#1. 生ダレ鬱メッセ | Nama Dare Messe

Shunka Shuutou, Episode 1 PV

Miharu Aragaki is a beautiful girl, an honor student, friendly, and an ideal lover.
Her confession event occurs almost every day, and she keeps refusing every time.
Behind the scenes, she has many troubles every day, such as annoying chats and voyeur ○○, and she is still constantly engaged in annoying chats.
she was in a troubled situation
I was just teasing you, so don’t get serious…
Miharu spits out poison with a big sigh that you can’t imagine from her usual smile.
She has a true nature that shouldn’t be known, but she can’t do anything by herself.
The person she consults with is school counselor Shiki Sasahara. She is the person whose true nature was discovered by chance.
So… what should I do?
Miharu had no choice but to consult her because of her arrogant attitude, but in front of her, her teacher’s stick was insisting that it was her business…
Miharu reluctantly comforts her, but…she receives a message that causes her even more trouble.

Shunka Shuutou, Episode 1 PV

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