Goblin no Suana 03 Trailer Has Been Revealed!

Hi hentai lovers, A1C company finally revealed the Goblin no Suana’s third OVA trailer. If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? you can watch it here:

The animation quality remains just as good.If you like this series, don’t forget that its third OVA will be released on August 25.For now, it is not known if Goblin no Suana will have a fourth episode. We’ll keep you informed if they announce a new OVA.


Goblin no Suana 03 Trailer Has Been Revealed!

In a world where goblins are seen as inferior demons, the young adventurer Ilari decides to confront them to gain fame, without knowing that this would unleash a tragedy. Her lack of knowledge and stupidity lead her to fall into the hands of the goblins, becoming their prey.

For goblins, Ilari is a toy and a source of reproduction. The innocent young girl is raped and her bright future vanishes. Her body, once trained for combat, is subjected to a gruesome experience and used to give birth to goblin babies.







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