Shakuen no Eris, Episode 3 Raw

Shakuen no Eris, Episode 3 Raw

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灼炎のエリス / Shakuen no Eris

#3. 堕落雌豚勇者・エリス~被虐ボテ腹二穴ビンゴ♥~ / The Indecent Sow Heroine: Eris – Agonizingly Huge Belly and Two-holed Bingo

Shakuen no Eris, Episode 3 Raw

Violet is a beautiful brave girl who has turned into a sow pussy.
She was once despised by Keith, a junior whom she had trained as a mentor. ……
Hey, bitch, clean up your mess.
He was forced to squat and polish with a brush in his hole, calling it “cleaning the toilet,” and while he was forced to dispose of his waste as a toilet bowl, he smiled in ecstasy. ……
I’m Violet Ellis, the brave sucking pig.
Eris is illuminated on stage.
Her belly bulges out and she twists the bingo balls stored in her womb as a meat-hole bingo machine in front of the masked celebrities. ……
The once brave thing tries desperately to maintain its sanity with a mental ____ to fight back, but ……
The wine bottle is mercilessly plunged into his asshole, and he contorts his eyebrows and spurts out his lewd juices….

Shakuen no Eris, Episode 3 Raw

Blazing Flame Eris, Shakuen no Eris, 灼炎のエリス, 작염의 앨리스

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