Kokuhaku……, Episode 2 Raw

Kokuhaku……, Episode 2 Raw

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告白…… / Kokuhaku…

#2. ~オトナギャルの卑蜜~ | Otonagyaru No | ~Otona Gal’s Obscenity~

Kokuhaku……, Episode 2 PV

Please don’t do any more cruel things to Hinano!
The simple and safe teacher in front of me was the man who was doing whatever he wanted on the screen…
While desperately enduring fear, Rio appeals to stop the indescribable acts that are happening to her healthy best friend.
However, in an instant, her actions toward her friendship plunged her to the bottom of obscenity…
Please don’t take it apart…
The meaning of her frustrated glaring changed, and she lifted up her own uniform and with big boobs that fell down,
Rio, who had no choice but to gently embrace her hateful anger, went up and down as if to handle her politely…
No, I’m not doing it
Poor bullying gal Hinano-chan was forced to take a special private lesson on ○○ chair torture due to another blunder…

Kokuhaku……, Episode 2 Raw


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