Shakuen no Eris, Episode 2 Raw

Shakuen no Eris, Episode 2 Raw

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灼炎のエリス / Shakuen no Eris

#2. ケツ穴過敏勇者・エリス~エロ豚覆面奉仕♥~ / The Heroine With an Oversensitive Asshole: Eris – An Indecent Sow’s Undercover Service

Shakuen no Eris, Episode 2 Raw

I am Eris Violet, a blowjob pig***. ……
Eris was a beautiful young heroine …… who turned herself into a fallen sow at the behest of Kiryu.
The first thing she did was to get a powerful patron for her ambition, and she was a mouthpiece for him.
Although she was mad with anger inside, she couldn’t resist her own body, which is sensitive to the smell of a man’s rod.
She desperately tries to get herself up again, but when she sees a man, she only looks at his crotch and starts to play with her own breast and hole. ……
No, not there, higher, more precise, quicker!
With a vigorous call from Ellis, he unleashes a long, wild keith stick that looks down on the soaking wet, perverted hero hole. ……

Shakuen no Eris, Episode 2 Raw

Blazing Flame Eris, Shakuen no Eris, 灼炎のエリス, 작염의 앨리스

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