Ito wo Yoru, Episode 1 PV

Ito wo Yoru, Episode 1 PV

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Ito wo Yoru /  糸を撚る

#1. 高柳カツヤ | Takayanagi Katsuya

Ito wo Yoru, Episode 1 PV

A track-and-field girl waits for the bus alone at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere where it rains frequently. Then a climate otaku boy appeared. The two are soaking wet and talking as comfortably as if they were taking a break. While their abnormal sexual tendencies come and go, they respond to the otaku boy’s desires and accept each other’s desires. Under the sky after the rain, the men and women’s feelings were different, but their satisfaction levels overlapped, and there were two people who were lost in thought.

Ito wo Yoru, Episode 1 PV


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