Overflow, Episode 6 Raw

Overflow, Episode 6 Raw

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#6. 貴方に伝えるこの胸中 / Anata ni Tsutaeru Kono Kyouchuu / I’ll Tell You What’s in My Heart

Overflow, Episode 6 Raw

“You are like family to me…I can stay by your side, can’t I, big brother?”
Kotone takes Kazushi’s lips with a wistful murmur.
In an empty classroom dyed by the setting sun, Kazushi discovers the girl’s true feelings.
Even if you’re second…just look at me for now.”
Kotone grabs Kazushi’s hand and touches it to her own chest, while saying the best she can.
The conclusion Kazushi draws in response to her painfully racing heartbeat is…

Overflow, Episode 6 Raw

Overflow, おーばーふろぉ,, 오버플로우

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