Shoujo Ramune, Episode 2 Raw

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 2 Raw

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小女ラムネ / Shoujo Ramune

#2. ドキドキの撮影タイムと恋のABC / Dokidoki no Satsuei Time to Koi no ABC / Heart-throb Photographing Time and the ABCs of Love

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 2 Raw

The dagashiya (cheap candy store) run by Tachikawa may not be profitable, but he is satisfied with the current situation. This is because he can become friends with cute girls who work there.

When Tenka consulted Tachikawa about wanting to become an idol, his answer was to do a photoshoot in a sexy swimsuit. Tenka was shy and only took awkward poses. Tachikawa took advantage of Tenka’s desire to become an idol, removing her shyness and having her take more and more erotic poses. And Tachikawa, who became excited, began to demand more extreme things.

On the other hand, Tachikawa realized that his feelings for Chieko were too extreme, and he decided to do erotic things with her under the guise of studying to get along with her.

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 2 Raw


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