Overflow, Episode 1 Raw

Overflow, Episode 1 Raw

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#1. やわらか姉妹と入浴中 / Yawaraka Shimai to Nyuuyoku Chuu / In the Bath with Two Soft Sisters

Overflow, Episode 1 Raw

Kazushi, a university student living alone, is troubled by the presence of two childhood friends who frequent his apartment.
The older sister, Ayane, is a sassy girl, and the younger sister, Kotone, is a fast-paced girl.
Because of their constant presence, Kazushi finds himself living a life of semi-compulsory celibacy…
One day, a minor argument leads Kazushi to bathe with his sisters in the apartment’s cramped bathtub.
Although he is still wearing his bathing suit, the soft touch of their bodies against each other shakes Kazushi’s rationale…

Overflow, Episode 1 Raw

Overflow, おーばーふろぉ,, 오버플로우e>

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