Eroriman 2, Episode 1 Raw

Eroriman 2, Episode 1 Raw

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エロリーマン2 / Eroriman 2

#1. 憧憬クール・真冬~ お姉さまのドえ露出~ / Doukei Kuru ・ Mafuyu ~ O Neesa Mano Do E Roshutsu ~

Eroriman 2, Episode 1 Raw

Mifuyu’s cousin who goes to a girls’ school
Mafuyu-sama, the No. 1 popular sister at the school that Aina-chan attends
The secret of the older sister I adore… that’s
What an extraordinary relationship with Aina’s cousin and Kuzuriman Michiya!
Aina tries desperately to persuade her sister to return to her sanity.
On the contrary, I’m serious, so I’m going to be able to show off the figure of my girlfriend’s cousin.
Confused by the astonishing fact, Aina-chan took out a smartphone.
What you’re doing is a crime, so I’ll throw it all out
Aina glares at Michiya with a look of desperation… but… the one who is staring back at that naive girl
She was Michiya’s trash stick…

Eroriman 2, Episode 1 Raw

Eroriman 2, エロリーマン2

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