Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 3 Raw

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 3 Raw

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鬼父 Refresh / Oni Chichi: Refresh

#3. 小生意気な肝っ玉 | Konamaiki na Kimottama | Cheeky Attitude

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 3 Raw

Sana… was kidnapped… No way… In the email from Sana, there was a photo attached, showing Sana tied up and that guy who persistently tried to pick her up during the day. He told us to come to a cabin nearby the sea. We hurried there, both me and that person (probably someone they know) together…
But they were one step ahead. Just like Sana, I got bound too. It’s frustrating… I intended to help Sana, but Aeri (probably the name of the person who was kidnapped with Sana), she went through something so humiliating…
That scumbag was handed a camera and forced to take photos of Aeri… What the heck is this…

Oni Chichi: Refresh, Episode 3 Raw

Demon Father: Refresh, Oni Chichi: Refresh, 鬼父 Refresh, 귀부: 리프레쉬

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