Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 3 Raw

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 3 Raw

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鬼父 Rebuild / Oni Chichi Rebuild

#3. 小生意気な萌顔ほぃほぃ♥ | Konamaiki na Houkao Hoihoi | Going Crazy With That Cheeky Moe Face

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 3 Raw

Why did I do such a thing? Well, that’s… Hmph. Beating, berating, exploiting, defiling… It’s just the right treatment for that selfish, arrogant ○○ Papa. Hmph.
Besides, that site, I get the feeling that it wasn’t even started by him. Well, I understand, but…
…Sure, Airi might have been foolish, just a little, really just a tiny bit, and she did feel remorse…
B-But, it can’t be helped, so I thought of being friendly with Airi… but at times like this, he acts way too grown-up. It’s infuriating… Idiot. Hmph…
To end up like this… I really… about Airi…
So… I have to decide… Goodbye.

Oni Chichi Rebuild, Episode 3 Raw

Demon Father: Rebuild, Oni Chichi: Rebuild, 鬼父 Rebuild, 귀부: 재구축

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