Kunoichi Botan, Episode 1 Raw

Kunoichi Botan, Episode 1 Raw

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くの一牡丹 / Kunoichi Botan

くの一牡丹 その一

Kunoichi Botan, Episode 1 Raw

One night at a merchant’s mansion, Kunoichi’s Yasuzu is being raped by “half-demons” who are tainted with “demon spirit”.
A half-demon who mercilessly tortures Yosuzu, who was still a virgin.
What comes to Yosuzu’s mind is Botan, her senior ninja, whom she admires.
At that time, Botan also invaded the merchant’s mansion.
Using his specialty ninjutsu, Shadow Bunshin, he creates two clones and defeats patrol soldiers one after another.
However, a merchant shows up with a worn-out night bell.
Botan and his two alter ego are caught by half-demons.

Kunoichi Botan, Episode 1 Raw

Female Ninja Botan, Kunoichi Botan, くのいち牡丹, くの一牡丹, 쿠노이치 보탄

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