Goblin no Suana, Episode 1 English Subbed

Goblin no Suana, Episode 1 English Subbed

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ゴブリンの巣穴 / Goblin no Suana

#1. 第一話 巡礼者 アンヴィル /Dai Ichi Wa Junreisha Anxiru / Chapter 1: Pilgrim Anvil

Goblin no Suana, Episode 1 PV

In this world, there exist evil creatures known as goblins. They attack people, kidnap women, violate them, impregnate them, and continue to breed, like terrifying beasts. The next target of such goblins was Anvil, a devout pilgrim. “Oh Lord, please protect me from this monster,” she prayed, but to no avail, as Anvil became a prisoner. Though she was frightened, she found solace in her faith in God and prepared herself for death. However, what awaited her was something more terrifying than death. Ugly goblins swarmed around her pure body. Their intimidating male organs rubbed against Anvil’s skin, carving unwanted pleasure into her flesh. And then, their seed was mercilessly poured into her womb. Realizing that she had been impregnated, Anvil fell into despair. This was just the beginning. The start of her descent into hell… The goblin’s gift wriggled inside her belly. “Ah, my Lord, I understand now. This is your blessing, isn’t it…”

Goblin no Suana, Episode 1 English Subbed


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