Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi, Episode 1 English Subbed

Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi, Episode 1 English Subbed

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姦染2 淫罪都市 / Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi

#1. 速水ありす編 / Hayami Alice Hen / Hayami Alice Chapter

Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi, Episode 1 Raw

A sudden blast hits a sightseeing bus for a school trip for second-year students at Kyowa Gakuen.
Inside the dimly lit bus, Hiroshi Okura wakes up to find that his teacher and classmates who were supposed to be there have disappeared.
Together with his best friend “Yuki Kobayashi” who was the only one in the bus, he gets off the bus to investigate the accident and find “Arisu Hayami” who has feelings for him.
The lively townscape that I saw during my school trip and free time has been transformed into a site with the smell of collapsed buildings.
Okura and Kobayashi feel a sense of incongruity. At that time, a woman’s scream is heard from the maid cafe.
In a dilapidated store, two women in maid outfits are being raped by two male students from Kyowa Gakuen. Both male students have red eyes.
The two maids were rescued, and the two pairs of men and women escaped in separate directions.
Okura and the maid escape to the park. The red-eyed maid suddenly starts wanting Okura’s body. Okura resists in his heart but doesn’t listen to his instincts.
He ends up inserting a towering penis into the maid. Hayami’s appearance flashes back, and Okura, who has returned to his senses, rejects the maid and heads for the shopping mall where the three of them went during the day.
As you get closer to the shopping mall, the moaning voices of many men and women, and the smells that get louder. Arriving at the scene, Okura stands stunned.
Okura’s classmates, local office workers, OLs, nurses, everyone moves their hips as their instincts tell them.
When I suddenly looked near the entrance, Hayami was being attacked by a man. Hayami flees into a building on Okura’s orders. Okura follows Hayami into the building, even though he is covered in wounds.
In the building, Okura meets Miki Anzai, a busty woman who graduated from a medical school, and gets her first aid.
Breaking news flows from the giant monitor installed on the wall.
An unknown virus is spreading throughout the city. The name of the virus was named “UNKNOWN LV4”.
Infected people attack the opposite sex as their libido increases. Okura and Anzai are surprised by the new facts that come out one after another.
Hayami walks from afar while crying. Okura rushes in. The two of them return to Anzai while soothing Hayami who won’t stop crying. However, Anzai is nowhere to be seen.

Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi, Episode 1 English Subbed

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