Amakano, Episode 2 Raw

Amakano, Episode 2 Raw

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アマカノ /  Amakano

#2. 星川こはる編 | Hoshikawa Koharu Hen | Hoshikawa Koharu Chapter

Amakano, Episode 2 Raw

The protagonist moved to a snowy region to help with clearing snow at their grandparents’ house. There, they met a special girl named Koharu Hoshikawa, who is a junior to the protagonist. Koharu is friendly, cheerful, full of energy, and has a rich emotional expression, which captivates the protagonist.

On Valentine’s Day night, the two of them spend time together. Koharu, who is skilled in making sweets, had prepared a surprise present for the protagonist.

Amakano, Episode 2 Raw

アマカノ, Amakano, 아마카노

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