‘Ureta Haha’ & ‘NocturnaL’ to Receive Anime Adaptations

And to finish off this round of news, Queen Bee is going to animate two new hentai! Their first release will be based on Ureta Haha and Ochita Tomohaha, two hentai doujinshis by artist Gonza.


‘Ureta Haha’ & ‘NocturnaL’ to Receive Anime Adaptations

Yuta is at his friend Kosuke’s house to watch porn movies, but his private party is interrupted by Shiori, Kosuke’s mother, who was not supposed to be home that day. Later, Shiori slips down the stairs but is saved by Yuta, who injures both arms in the process. Feeling guilty for what happened to her son’s friend, Shiori takes care of Yuta until his arms heal. She not only pampers him and feeds him but also takes care of his sexual desires.

After Shiori masturbates Yuta using her body, she awakens her lust and can’t stop thinking about having real sex with him.

The next release is sure to please horny schoolgirl lovers, as it is the anime adaptation of NocturnaL, a hentai manga by artist Monorino, which was serialized by COMIC HOTMILK magazine in February 2021.


‘Ureta Haha’ & ‘NocturnaL’ to Receive Anime Adaptations

Etou, a fat and unattractive student, has feelings for Sayako, his popular and friendly classmate. While wandering at night, he sees Sayako being harassed by some men. Initially reluctant to get involved, he ends up helping his classmate. However, when they are safe, Etou realizes that Sayako is very different from the one at school. The truth is, she has a dual personality; during the day, she’s a modest and kind student, but during the night she is a vulgar girl with a lot of sexual desire. Now that they are both alone, Sayako shows her lust and fucks Etou.

Before I say goodbye, I want to inform you that the release of Ureta Haha is scheduled for March 15, while NocturnaL will be released on April 5.


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