Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another, Episode 2 Raw

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another, Episode 2 Raw

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かぎろひ~勺景~ Another / Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another

#2. 夕暮れの教室, 誘う艶髪 / Yuugure no Kyoushitsu, Izanau Tsuyagami / Classroom at dusk, lustrous hair

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei - Another, Episode 2 Raw

“Kotori Yuuki” who lost her childhood friend “Kirishima Kaede”
In order to find out the truth behind her death, Aoi is her transfer student, a bewitching girl.
She became involved with “Minazuki Hydrangea”.
Aoi who puts her body on top of her every time she meets hydrangea. In her mouth she indulges in her act with her hydrangea while making excuses for her maple.
Hydrangea indecently shakes her hips as if she were mocking him.
She exposes her hidden secrets in her stockings and invites Aoi with a provocative smile.
On the other hand, Aoi’s friend Mizuki is dating a man in an unpopular school building.
Mizuki: “If you don’t rape me violently, I’ll tell Hydrangea.”
Unlike the innocent appearance she shows in the classroom, Mizuki exposes her lewd nature.
Shake his breasts, twist his hips, and devour his libido like a beast.
She also had hidden motives…
Mizuki: “It’s going to be a big deal~. Well, I can’t handle it~♪”

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei - Another, Episode 2 Raw

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