Yari Agari, Episode 2 English Subbed

Yari Agari, Episode 2 English Subbed

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ヤリ上がり / Yari Agari

#2. ~みこすり半の謹親~ / Miko surihan No / ~Mikosuri half-hearted Parent~

Yari Agari, Episode 2 PV

Serina and her friends were at the top of the school caste, while Ichika had fallen from grace. She endured persistent bullying from Serina, who was also her childhood friend. Despite trying to brush it off as a misunderstanding and enduring it to some extent, Ichika had been observing Shinji’s hidden hobby, which escalated the situation. In a sudden turn of events, Ichika successfully turned the tables on Serina by exposing Shinji’s depraved behavior and making him fall into her trap. Feeling humiliated after being exposed to illicit intimacy in front of her childhood friend, Serina condemned Shinji. Meanwhile, Ichika, driven by a desire for revenge, relentlessly pursued the well-endowed disciplinary committee chairwoman, Aoi, like a persistent goldfish excrement, aiming to exploit her weaknesses.

Yari Agari, Episode 2 English Subbed


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