White Blue, Episode 3 Raw

White Blue, Episode 3 Raw

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White Blue

#3. 都合のいい白衣♥ / Tsugou no Ii Hakui

White Blue, Episode 3 Raw

Get out of here.
Hibari is broken up with Kyota without even an excuse for her lasciviousness with Ishigami, which Kyota has found out. ……
Anne, who has found out about the situation, has been cheerfully and lovingly cuddling Kyota in order to heal him…
It’s a special treatment for Anne’s sister, you know. It’s a medical procedure, so don’t worry about it.
Anne, who stares at him as she buries her face in his crotch and rubs it gently, crawls the tip of her terraformed tongue and licks it slowly and carefully……
The act was hard at work, both when bathing and in the courtyard. ……
The other gaze that gazed upon her was that of the rising sun, which was babying the stone god who had devoured Hibari.
Love is easily betrayed. With this guy.
It was only a matter of time before Anne’s body was transformed by the forceful poking of Kyota and her first time ……

White Blue, Episode 3 Raw

White Blue, ホワイト ブルー, 화이트 블루

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