White Blue, Episode 2 Raw

White Blue, Episode 2 Raw

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White Blue

#2. 白衣の往生際♥ / Hakui no Oujougiwa

White Blue, Episode 2 Raw

Don’t get involved with me or him anymore!
It wasn’t just her purity that was taken away from her. ……
Hibari was fucked by Ishigami again and again without time to lament her blunder.
Hibari is called upon to do so as a matter of course, and is sucked and fucked.
Ishigami treats Hibari like an object for his own desires, but he is also training her in technique.
Hibari is forced to nurse with a rotor attached in front of him, and is forced to penetrate him under the desk behind his back.
Her body, which is being acclimatized, soon loses all resistance. ……
Hibari, while keeping her relationship with Ishigami a secret, becomes one in order to fulfill her feelings for Kyota.
I love you, Kiyose-san!
Hibari lays her skin against his and speaks of her feelings for him. …… But deep inside her body, she is seeking something else. ……

White Blue, Episode 2 Raw

White Blue, ホワイト ブルー, 화이트 블루

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