Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 4 Raw

Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 4 Raw

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ヴィーナスブラッド -ブレイヴ- / Venus Blood: Brave

#4. 堕ちた騎士の魂は触手の拘束で清められる / Ochita Kishi no Tamashii wa Shokushu no Kousoku de Kiyomerareru / The Corrupted Knight`s Soul Is Purified by Tentacle Restraint

Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 4 Raw

Around Claudia’s neck is a collar of ____. She was once a knight, but her country was destroyed by a demon tribe and she was reduced to a ____.
And this collar is not just a token of her status. It was a collar of servitude that could not disobey the owner’s orders.
Claudia is not allowed to disobey the demon tribe that destroyed her country.
Seeing Claudia, a puppet of the demon tribe, doing treacherous things, Hein suggested that she could be freed from the collar by using a certain method.

Venus Blood: Brave, Episode 4 Raw

Venus Blood -BRAVE-, ヴィーナスブラッド -ブレイヴ-, 勇者産卵触手RPG ヴィーナスブラッド-ブレイヴ-, 비너스 블러드: 브레이브

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