Tsundero Series, Episode 4 PV

Tsundero Series, Episode 4 PV

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ツンデロシリーズ / Tsundero Series

OVA ツンデロシリーズ #4

Tsundero Series, Episode 4 PV

Start a sweet sex class with a busty little sister! From Hiromitsu Takeda’s book “Tsundero”, a big-breasted student seduces a relative’s older brother tutor, “Kyu-tto? Succubus Arc” will be animated!
Although I was asked to be a tutor by a distant relative, Yunan, who is full of fascination that turns a small breast lover into a big breast lover, will set up a mischievous temptation between studies today!
Will Yosuke, the tutor, be able to endure the reason in front of Yunan’s overflowing erotic and fascinating body…?
The first sex with Yunan, who has a naughty body and a pure heart, is depicted in great detail…!

Tsundero Series, Episode 4 PV

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