Trick or Alice, Episode 1 Raw

Trick or Alice, Episode 1 Raw

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トリック・オア・アリス / Trick or Alice

おかえり, 僕のアリス. | Okaeri, Boku no Alice.

Trick or Alice, Episode 1 Raw

“Confession Overheard by Chance Leads to Becoming a Couple!?”
During a conversation about love with his classmates, Haruo Tokimori accidentally mentions the name of his crush, Runa Hirohashi. Unbeknownst to him, she overhears this conversation.
Summoning his courage, he confesses his feelings, and despite her shyness, she agrees, and they start dating.
Dating the cheerful and central figure of their class, Runa, surprises those around them. Together with his self-proclaimed “love master” girlfriend, they embark on their journey as a couple.
While their relationship begins smoothly, it seems that Runa has some secrets…?
This is a romantic comedy where an earnest girl becomes a girlfriend.

Trick or Alice, Episode 1 Raw

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