Taimanin Asagi, Episode 3 Raw

Taimanin Asagi, Episode 3 Raw

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対魔忍アサギ / Taimanin Asagi

 #3. 姉妹, 相打つ! / Shimai, Aiutsu! / Sisters, Fight!

Taimanin Asagi, Episode 3 Raw

As Sakura infiltrates the Chaos Arena to rescue her imprisoned sister, Asagi, she herself gets captured by the changed and unrecognizable Asagi’s lover, Kyousuke. Thus, the anti-demon ninja sisters fall into the hands of Oboro, and a brutal and merciless ordeal begins.

Exploiting the sisters’ desire to save each other, Oboro pushes them to the brink, subjecting them to acts of debauchery and reducing their pride to nothingness. The sisters reach the point of ecstasy, their eyes rolling back in complete surrender.

Finally, Asagi and Sakura step onto the stage of the Chaos Arena… Will the anti-demon ninja sisters clash against each other?! Oboro’s revenge draws near its completion…!

Taimanin Asagi, Episode 3 Raw


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