Sweet and Hot, Episode 2 PV

Sweet and Hot, Episode 2 PV

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Sweet and Hot

#2. 紙魚丸 | Shimi Maru

Sweet and Hot, Episode 2 PV

Tanoshii Seikyouiku
In order to prevent an aging society with a declining birthrate, the educational field has adopted a curriculum that makes sex education more practical and removes biased attitudes such as aversion. After the students were gathered in the gymnasium for preparatory exercises, they were paired up together and finally put into practice. Takamine was left with only Mutahara, a creepy guy, as he had been left out in his choice of partners. She tried to end the session properly without insertion, but the teacher found out, and she was given special instruction.

Finder wo Nozoku Mono wa
Chio Kasahara, a watcher of power. Chio Kasahara is a self-proclaimed member of the press club who accuses the school of wrongdoing on the bulletin board. She stakes out a case based on a tip about a gang-rape club on campus, but is duped by false information. “Chio” is avenged by the victims whose past misdeeds were exposed. Chio is penetrated by multiple rods, and her distorted figure is photographed upside down.

Sweet and Hot, Episode 2 PV

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