Succubus Connect!, Episode 1 PV

Succubus Connect!, Episode 1 PV

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サキュバス★コネクト! / Succubus Connect!

#1. 見知らぬ世界でサキュバス修行!? エッチな経験積んじゃおう | Mishiranu Sekai De Sakyubasu Shugyou !? Ecchi Na Keiken Tsunjaou | Succubus training in a strange world? Let’s gain naughty experience!

Succubus Connect!, Episode 1 PV

Yuna is in love with her blood brother.
One day, a mysterious voice leads her to a strange place.
She is attacked by a man without knowing why, and she is in desperate need of help. But then, a ghostly succubus appears with a light and saves her!
The succubus possesses Yaduna’s body and starts to attack her sexually.
The mysterious succubus, who is not bothered by the flustered, naive Yui Yuna, squeezes every man she can get her hands on.
What will happen to Yuna in the world of succubus?
I want to go home…… to my brother……
I wanted to “connect” with my beloved brother!
I’ve been “connected” to a lecherous succubus!
But this is just the way it is. ……

Succubus Connect!, Episode 1 PV

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