So_low, Episode 1 Raw

So_low, Episode 1 Raw

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#1. ~双子姉妹と家庭教師~ / Futago Shimai To Katei Kyoushi / Twin Sisters and a Home Tutor

So_low, Episode 1 PV

I don’t need it at all, but maybe we should do it again like the other day… The two whispering are twin sisters Mitsuki and Kasumi. In the living room, Chihiro, the moe mom, is having a meeting with the private tutor Koudai. The two sisters have been repeatedly teasing and driving away the tutors who were assigned to them, finding them annoying. They are twin sisters: Mitsuki, a smart and elegant beauty who captivates men, and Kasumi, a lively and naive but strong-willed girl. On the other hand, the newly assigned tutor, Koudai Fujioka, is a specialist who always turns trial members into regular members, and this time he is determined to successfully guide the twin beauties. If you don’t want to be exposed, you should decline immediately, right? Kasumi and Mitsuki conspire and carry out their plan to drive away Koudai. Koudai, who falls into the trap of the beautiful girls, is on the verge of being fired… Kasumi and Mitsuki, the cheeky little devil beauties. Putting his pride on the line, Koudai decides to use every means possible to corrupt the two of them, as he has built his reputation on always succeeding in corrupting others.

So_low, Episode 1 Raw

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