SiNiSistar, Episode 2 Raw

SiNiSistar, Episode 2 Raw

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シニシスタ / SiNiSistar

#2. 母と子 | Haha to Ko | Mother and Child

SiNiSistar, Episode 2 PV

Sister Ravian fights off the forest demons and continues on her way.
She is disturbed by unexplained nightmares, but she is inspired by the mission she holds in her heart and manages to keep her spirits up.
Yes, my heart is with the Lord. My heart is with the Lord.
The villagers who arrived at the village were roaming around.
The villagers were so horrific that it would have been better if they had only been killed.
The question of whether this is reality or a dream gradually becomes ambiguous.
It was steadily eating away at her mind.
It is a world where the pleasure of being fucked and the pain of being ripped apart continue indefinitely.

SiNiSistar, Episode 2 Raw


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