Shuumatsu Hospital, Episode 1 English Subbed

Shuumatsu Hospital, Episode 1 English Subbed

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終末ホスピタル / Shuumatsu Hospital

#1. 天使のアレ | Tenshi no are | Angel’s Are

Shuumatsu Hospital, Episode 1 PV

The high-pitched sound of shoes echoing through the hospital ward late at night.
Inside the stealthily closing door, “Misuzu Akao” is storing her reward in her pocket and handling her bare towering body. ……
On the day when she is in charge, she is likely to receive an emergency call.
Two of her colleagues, “Rika Souhama” and “Mie Nakamaru,” become suspicious of such a situation. ……
On the night shift, Rika and Mie were working together in a rotation.
Rika leaves her fiancé, Shinichi, who is the on-duty doctor, to follow Misuzu, who is going on her rounds.
As Misuzu walks down a quiet corridor, she arrives at a private room where Mie’s fiancée has suddenly become ill.
At the end of the door, Rika sees ……

Shuumatsu Hospital, Episode 1 English Subbed


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