Shoujo Ramune, Episode 4 English Subbed

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 4 English Subbed

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小女ラムネ / Shoujo Ramune

#4. みんなの夏休み/ Minna no Natsuyasumi / Everybody`s Summer Vacation

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 4 Raw

Tachikawa and Komako take shelter from the sudden rain at a bus stop with a roof. Komako thanks Tachikawa for helping her have sex with Chie. Hearing this, Tachikawa becomes excited with anticipation in his groin. Tenska gets into a fight with her family over her idol activities and runs away from home. As Tachikawa listens to her story, he inexplicably becomes horny. In an empty classroom during summer vacation, Chie poses naked at Tachikawa’s request. Not only is she forced into erotic poses, but she is also made to masturbate on the corner of a desk.

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 4 English Subbed


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