Shoujo Ramune, Episode 3 Raw

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 3 Raw

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小女ラムネ / Shoujo Ramune

#3. ゆかたと花火と夏祭り / Yukata to Hanabi to Natsumatsuri / Yukata Dresses and Fireworks at the Summer Festival

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 3 Raw

On the day of the summer festival, Chieko comes to show Tachikawa her yukata. Tachikawa becomes aroused by Chieko’s innocent skinship, as she is praised for her yukata appearance.
When Tachikawa is caught with an erection by Chieko, he pushes her down and ties her arms with the obi of her yukata, and then licks her underdeveloped body.
After enjoying the festival with Komako, Chieko decides to watch the fireworks alone with her. As they watch the beautiful fireworks, Komako’s feelings intensify and she confesses her love for Chieko. Chieko accepts Komako’s feelings openly.

Shoujo Ramune, Episode 3 Raw


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