Shishunki Sex, Episode 3 Raw

Shishunki Sex, Episode 3 Raw

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思春期セックス / Shishunki Sex

#3. 今日, 私ん家集合ね! II/ Kyou, Watashinchi Shuugou ne! II / Let’s Meet at My Place Today! II

Shishunki Sex, Episode 3 Raw

Two childhood friends learn the ABCs

Two childhood friends (Kenta and Hanako), who even had their first experience with each other as a result of a sex education class at their school, continued their sexual relationship even after moving on to higher education.
One day, a contraceptive is handed out in health and physical education class.
Hanako is a little confused when she feels it for the first time, but she can’t help but imagine what it would be like to have sex wearing it.

Shishunki Sex, Episode 3 Raw

Puberty Sex, Shishunki Sex, 思春期セックス, 사춘기 섹스

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