Shishunki Sex, Episode 1 PV

Shishunki Sex, Episode 1 PV

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思春期セックス / Shishunki Sex

#1. 思春期セックス / Shishunki Sex / Puberty Sex

Shishunki Sex, Episode 1 PV

There’s something magical about discarded erotic books.

Akane finds Okazaki and the others enjoying themselves by bringing erotic books into the classroom and warns them.
Akane’s tone of voice became harsher than usual because of her serious and uptight character and her distaste for this kind of thing.
On the way home after school, Akane recalls Okazaki teasing her and showing her the pages of an erotic book, which she resents.
Of course, Okazaki had already punished her with an iron fist.
The erotic book had fallen on the ground as if to taunt Akane, who was still upset about the incident.
Akane did not want to touch it, but it was in a conspicuous place, so she tried to move it to a place where it would not be seen by others.
Akane, who could not look away from the open page even though she disliked it, took an unexpected action.

Shishunki Sex, Episode 1 PV

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