Shishunki no Obenkyou, Episode 2 PV

Shishunki no Obenkyou, Episode 2 PV

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思春期のお勉強 / Shishunki no Obenkyou

#2. 学ぶより経験がしたいお年頃 / Around the Age of Choosing Experience over Studies

Shishunki no Obenkyou, Episode 2 PV

The ABCs of Sex that I Want to Do More

Kasuga was enjoying reading in the library. The book she was reading was about the human body, and her curiosity about male genitalia was still strong. She flipped through the pages, reminiscing about her experience with Kobayashi. However, she was disappointed to find that there were no illustrations of an erect penis.

But then, as she turned to a certain page, she was shocked to learn something new. She discovered that the act of inserting a penis into a female’s genitalia, which she had experienced with Kobayashi, was called sex. Walking home in the rain under a single umbrella with Kobayashi, Kasuga decided to confess to him that what they had done was sex. Kobayashi was so surprised that he couldn’t believe it and told Kasuga they should stop doing that kind of thing.

However, Kasuga couldn’t help but cry, as she really wanted to have sex again.

Shishunki no Obenkyou, Episode 2 PV

Shishunki no Obenkyo, Shishunki no Obenkyou, 思春期のお勉強

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