Shikiyoku INFINITE, Episode 2 English Subbed

Shikiyoku INFINITE, Episode 2 English Subbed

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Shikiyoku Infinite / 色欲INFINITE

#2. 槍間くるみの母親 / 槍間くるみの残暑 / 課長 槍間繰子STEP2 | Kurumi Yarima’s mother / Kurumi Yarima’s residual heat / Chief Yarima Reiko STEP2

Shikiyoku INFINITE, Episode 2 English Subbed

Kurumi Yarima’s Mother
Kurumi Yarima’s mother is a genuine slut and a woman with zero sense of chastity!
She brings her boyfriend into the house during the daytime and has sex with him!
She starts masturbating on her own while sucking his cock and her pussy juice overflows to the point of dripping.
She sleeps with her daughter’s boyfriend and has an orgy in front of her family.
She ends up getting fucked in the middle! Which is more important, her daughter or sex?

Kurumi Yarima’s Lingering Summer
After school is over, Mitsuko, the mother, opens the door to her house and brings a man into the house and fucks him as much as she wants!
She tries to invite Kurumi to have sex with her, but she pretends not to be interested and goes to her room.
But the truth is, remembering what happened earlier, her heart was pounding and she could no longer contain her excitement.
When I went down to the living room and saw the cock presented in front of Kurumi’s eyes, I could no longer suppress that desire!

Chief, Noriko Yakima, STEP 2.
Naoko Esu, newly assigned to the company, was to be trained as a newcomer by Ryoko.
A few days later, Naoko was talking to a male senior employee about how much she admired and respected Noriko.
They happened to be stopped by Noriko and decided to go to the reference room.
There, the details of Noriko’s education were revealed, and Naoko decided to take all the words to heart and do what she was told!

Shikiyoku INFINITE, Episode 2 English Subbed

Shikiyoku Infinite, 色欲INFINITE, 색욕I,NFINITE

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