Shakkin Shimai, Episode 1 Raw

Shakkin Shimai, Episode 1 Raw

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借金姉妹 / Shakkin Shimai

#1. 奴隷誓約書 / Sho Dorei Seiyakusho / Contract Of SlaveryShakkin Shimai, Episode 1 Raw

“I won’t let anyone have these sisters, I’m the owner!”

The sisters, Kaori and Kasumi Miyamori, were among the most beautiful girls in their school, and their elder sister, Kasumi Miyamori, was a teacher at Shoryo High School. However, they had inherited a large amount of debt from their deceased father. Hiroshi sympathized with their situation, which could have led them to be sold into the sex industry, and offered to provide them with profits from stock investments as a means of support. However, Kasumi quickly refused, saying it was not his concern. This attitude angered Hiroshi and turned his sympathy into hatred. “If someone were to defile these sisters, I would rather be the one to defile them myself…”

Hiroshi successfully purchased their debt and became their creditor, then he casually told the perplexed sisters, “If you can’t pay the money back…you know what that means, right?”

Shakkin Shimai, Episode 1 Raw

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