Ruins Seeker, Episode 2 English Subbed

Ruins Seeker, Episode 2 English Subbed

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Ruins Seeker / ルインズシーカー

#2. 悲劇の義賊 | Higeki no gizoku | Tragic thief

Ruins Seeker, Episode 2 PV

Hi, I’m Vice White, your informant.
Oh, you’re looking for information on Mr. Quemm?
Very well.
I will tell you.
This time, Mr. Quemm was involved in an adventure related to the legend of the “tragic bandit,” a legend that has been passed down in this town.
Quem-san, who learned about the legend of the bandit who helps the weak and discourages the strong, was perhaps influenced by it, and decided to help a man named Riverston whom he met at Heaven’s Ladder.
He is really too good-natured …….
‘Hah …… do what you want.’
And then we fight the X enemy, and Mr. Quemm is in trouble because of the curse.
Even I got involved with him. …… No, forget this story.
What happened to Mr. Quem?
Hmmm……… I’ll give you that information after I get the extra charge.
Joruri’s mirror reflects the sins of those who look into it: ……
How does my nubile, sultry female genitalia (coco) reflect?

Ruins Seeker, Episode 2 English Subbed

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