Papa Katsu!, Episode 4 English Subbed

Papa Katsu!, Episode 4 English Subbed

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パパ喝ッ! / Papa Katsu!

#4. ~真面目ッ娘の尻活事情♥~ | Mazime Musume No Shiri Katsu Zijou | ~Serious daughter’s butt life circumstances♥~

Papa Katsu!, Episode 4 PV

Tsumugi doesn’t notice…
Her best friend Saki was aiming for her father-in-law…
Because she approached her just to ask for advice, she was made to do erotic things using poetry as a model…
Innocent Saki is fucked, sucked, and inserted as she is said to be the same as poetry…
While believing that even her violent and hard pushes are natural…
Tsumugi, who unknowingly attacks her with contempt, is once again disciplined by her father-in-law.
Tsumugi continues to curse even though she is aware of the changes in her own body.
Her love juice continued to seep out from her crotch to the extent that it overflowed…

Papa Katsu!, Episode 4 English Subbed

Papa Katsu!, パパ喝ッ!,파파놀이

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