Papa Katsu!, Episode 2 English Subbed

Papa Katsu!, Episode 2 English Subbed

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パパ喝ッ! / Papa Katsu!

#2. ~お悩み盛りの姉妹丼~ / Indecent Pee Leaking at the Pleasure Spot

Papa Katsu!, Episode 2 Raw

Tsumugi continues to be pushed up by her mother on the phone
Unable to refuse, the limbs as they are, even the touch of Papa’s stick…
Unaware of Tsumugi’s troubles, her best friend, Saki, is obsessed with her new dad candidate… but…
Seriously… Saki to him…
Tsumugi is worried that she has to somehow separate him from Saki, but the reason she holds her hand is…
Tsumugi, who is made to serve her even after returning to her home, is fed up with the rigid stick that is forced to suck her.
JD Oneechan’s poetry comes back there, and she used to be a daddy’s stick…

Papa Katsu!, Episode 2 English Subbed

Papa Katsu!, パパ喝ッ!,파파놀이

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