Overflow, Episode 5 Raw

Overflow, Episode 5 Raw

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#5. キドキ二人は潜伏中 / Dokidoki Futari wa Senpuku Chuu / Two Excited People in Hiding

Overflow, Episode 5 Raw

“Heh… you missed me, didn’t you…?”
Ayane and Kazushi finally get a chance to be alone with each other at a sports festival where they are cheering for their sisters… but during their secret meeting, Ayane’s classmates enter the girls’ locker room!
However, Ayane’s classmates enter the women’s locker room during their secret meeting!
Kazushi and Ayane, in a panic, take emergency shelter in a cramped locker to avoid being discovered.
For a few minutes, they are in close contact with each other, killing each other’s breaths.
Kazushi forgets himself in the sweet aroma of body heat, heartbeat, and sweat that Ayane emits…

Overflow, Episode 5 Raw

Overflow, おーばーふろぉ,, 오버플로우

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